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Samstag 15. November 2008
Preservation of Tempelhof International Airport as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

At the 30th of October 2008 the last two airplanes – a historical Junkers Ju 52 and an airlift “raisin bomber” Douglas DC-3 – took off in Tempelhof Airport. The runway and air field lights were switched off at midnight. Help to preserve Tempelhof Airport, with your help the lights will be switched on again!

Help to preserve Berlin Tempelhof Airport for our children and their children (Foto: M.-A. Beisecker)

Tempelhof Airport inside, if you want to visit someday and see with your own eyes forward this message to all your friends, Tempelhof needs our help now, it helped us during the Cold War, but some German politicians seem to have forgotten ... (Foto: M.-A. Beisecker)

Dear Friends of Tempelhof Airport, 

As you probably noticed, we - the friends of Tempelhof airport - have started a new referendum for its preservation on October 30th.

It is entitled: "Referendum for the World Cultural Heritage Tempelhof and More Transparency in Politics"

It is important now to collect the necessary 20,000 signatures from Berliners as fast as possible.

This will stop the governments effords of de-usage and offer a real perspective of preservation of this monument.

If you are a Berlin citizen, then please print out the official form and ask Berliners to sign it.

The address is:

As a non-Berlin citizen, we ask you to forward this email to all friends and acquaintances in Berlin.

Time is moving fast. On December, 17th 2008, the next court hearing concerning Tempelhof takes place. It would be very helpful if we have collected the necessary signatures until then.

Please help to preserve this monument of world history from its destruction and help to enlist it as part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Send a clear "STOP" message to Berlins' Mayor Klaus Wowereit. For further information, please visit the website:

Our children and grandchildren will be grateful.

* VERY IMPORTANT: Please forward this email
* and/or the URL of this webpage to friends and relatives
* and ask for forwarding to Berliners and signing if possible

Further information:

Demonstrations against the closure of Tempelhofs take place regularly on Saturdays at 15:00 at the Airlift Memorial, details at: A second referendum for the residents of the district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg is available at:

Yours sincerely

Volker Perplies

If you need some more information about Tempelhof Airport, this Wikipedia page will help: 


Von: Friends of Tempelhof Airport
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